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Conscious consumers

Tired of wallets, purses and handbags overloaded with paper receipts
and the admin that comes with filing and storing them. Well now you
can shop hassle free with Snapslip the digital receipting application and
the best part is you are saving the environment each time you opt for a
Snapslip (digital receipt).

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Tired of the associated costs and hassle of paper receipts and the
disgruntled customers who miss place these receipts. You can now
eradicate those costs and gain valuable data analytics while enhancing a
customer’s shopping experience while saving the environment and
reducing the stores carbon foot print.

Conscious Consumers

Snapslip takes the admin out of shopping and gives you more time to shop till you drop never having to worry about paper receipts while saving our beautiful planet by reducing the usage and wastage of paper receipts.

How does it work?

First download Snapslip from either the Apple App store or the Google Play store

Enter your details to track, recall and store your receipts via the app

Shop at Snapslip affiliated stores,
• Upon a purchase request a digital receipt or Snapslip
• Give the teller your cell number (which is your unique identifier)

And you’re done- its that easy!

"Your digital receipt will be sent to your profile within the app in under a second."

"Snapslip stores, tracks and recalls these digital receipts for you, so. You can shop hassle free."

Snapslips or digital receipts can be used for:
• Refunds and exchanges
• Insurance claims
• Tax claims
• Warranties and guaranties

So what are you waiting for!
Start shopping hassle free and save the environment today with Snapslip.


Eradicate the costs of paper receipts, while enhancing your customer’s shopping experience and gain valuable spend, trend and predictive analytics to increase revenue streams by cross selling products!
You can do this while saving the environment and reducing your carbon footprint with Snapslip.
So subscribe today!

Dashboard & Data Insights

Snapslip provides the retailer with a bespoke online dashboard that profiles customers by demographics. Provides key spend, trend and predictive analytics on a customer or aggregated level. The retailer can opt for any filter or filters and fully customize the online dashboard based on their preferences.

Retailers can access this dashboard whenever they deem necessary, thus giving them a competitive advantage over the market by up selling products and building brand loyalty based on customer spend, trend and predictive analytics.

Retailers can ensure more efficient stock management processes using the dashboard and thus ensure greater efficiencies and reduction in costs (Idle stock and stock outs).

Filters allow a retailer to view the data based on their preferences and is represented via interactive tables and graphs. The data can be viewed at a customer and or aggregated level.
Examples of these filters are:

  • Customer demographics
  • Customer spend, trend and predictive analytics
  • Highest value users
  • Lowest value users
  • Highest selling products
  • Lowest selling products
  • Complementary and supplementary products

Rewards/loyalty program hosted by Snapslip

Snapslip can host a stores loyalty/rewards program. Snapslip eradicates the use and cost of plastic rewards cards, as well as the tedious process of carrying multiple rewards cards on the customers behalf.

Snapslip reduces plastic usage and waste in regards to these cards, thus saving our environment and reducing the retailer’s and customer’s carbon footprint and the associated manufacturing costs.

A retailer can advertise via Snapslip to a segmented target audience based on Snapslip’s analytics. Ensuring the right customer gets the right advertisement that appeals to their interests. Snapslip eradicates the costs of advertising via other mediums.

Snapslip ensures sustainability by reducing paper advertisements and thus saving the environment and reduces a retailer’s carbon footprint.